STRATUS Issue 02: Home

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STRATUS’ first full-sized annual film photo journal, STRATUS Issue 02: Home, features a 210-page film photo journal in a 9x11” form factor with photos and words submitted by the five main photographers listed below surrounding the theme of “Home”. This issue also highlights interviews with notable restaurants, artists, and people in the Edmonton community, as well as submissions from local Edmonton photographers. Curation, design and editorials done by the STRATUS team.


  • Softcover
  • 210 pages
  • 1500 illustrations
  • 9 x 11 inch
  • Printed in Edmonton, Canada by Impactica Print.


Featuring work from:

  • Kurt Bugasto (@kurtbugasto)
  • Vivian HT (@thrvht)
  • Lex Milo (@lexmilo)
  • Anita Yuen (@neatsauce)
  • Ezra Jeffrey-Comeau (@ezrajeffrey)

And interviews with:

  • Steel Wheels
  • Hong Kong Bakery
  • Filistix
  • Intent Coffee
  • Kobachi
  • Actually Alright
  • Good Information
  • Rashelle
  • Alyssa Lau
  • Wally’s Classic Camera Exchange