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  • Includes melody box, double sided velcro tape, usb cable and 12v adapter
  • Device auto plays selected track when powered up
  • Buttons allow you to select tracks and adjust volume
  • Requires the 12v plug to shut off when car is off to play properly on start up
  • Can only be used for start up OR reverse
  • Reverse functionality requires professional install to a power source like reverse lights.
  • Track list includes (JP denotes Japanese):
    • Import Bible Automotive Style
    • Heartbreaker, please don’t let me down (JP)
    • Hello again, have a safe drive (JP)
    • Let’s boogie on the shuto expressway (JP)
    • Long time no see (JP)
    • Thank you please buckle up (JP)
    • Tofu delivery machine ready to go! (JP)
    • Welcome (JP)
    • Yamanote Line jingle (x8)
    • Electric Power
    • N/A Power
    • Rotary Power
    • Super Charged Power
    • Turbo Power
    • Powered by "manufacturer" (x24)
    • Reverse - Excuse me coming through (JP)
    • Reverse - Let's hang out again (JP)
    • Reverse - Sorry backing up (JP)