CHOWDOHFOO™️ ‘2001 - Forever’ - The Book

Curly YIA
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In 1994, Curly started painting graffiti in Edmonton under the name Plas 1. Along with his bombing partner Dabs 1 , they pushed the Edmonton graffiti scene like never before. Originally from Halifax, Dabs moved through Montreal and Vancouver before landing a job in Edmonton in 1997. Dabs and Plas met through friends and immediately formed a bond that still exists today. They moved to Taiwan together in 2001 and formed a graffiti crew called YIA (Youth In Asia) which was comprised of many locals and foreigners living throughout Asia. It was at this time Plas 1 switched his name to Curly YIA. YIA were pioneers of the graffiti scene in Taiwan and CHOWDOHFOO™️ 2001-Forever is a memoir to this era.

Featuring photographs and poetry about my time living and travelling in Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong and the Philippines from 2001-2019. CHOWDOHFOO™️ is an intimate look into my world, my crew YIA (YOUTH IN ASIA) and our times lurking throughout Asia.

CHOWDOHFOO™️ aka stinky tofu, or chòu dòufu (臭豆腐) is a type of tofu that is fermented in a special brine, which gives it a smelly funk that lives up to its name. CHOWDOHFOO™️ is cookin up and ready to be served.


  • Printed in Canada
  • Photography & writing by Curly YIA
  • 288 pages
  • 3 chapters
  • Perfect bound / soft cover
  • 6" x 9"
  • Limited run of 200 copies